The “Skinny Move”

For companies that are smaller in size but still have the need for a mentor Move Coordinator to provide guidance without the expense of a full-time coordinator. You contact us, we conduct a brief phone interview to gather some information and then provide you with a customized move plan and the tools needed such as move packets, instructions, customized labels and placecards, chair tags, safety instructions, checklist and a move countdown guide that you will need to manage the move.  We will bring your move plan and tools out to your office and walk through all the steps to ensure all your questions are answered and you feel confidently prepared.

The “Skinny Move” Includes:

  • Complimentary review of project needs to define scope
  • On site Interview at your location to gather move information and define Master Move Schedule
  • Develop Move Implementation and Logistics Plan to determine best method of moving – ensures efficient move and achieves move objectives
  • Review how to prepare for the move:
    • Hourly Schedule
    • Kick off Meeting/Agenda Examples
    • Move Countdown & Timeline
    • Review Move Instructions
    • Move out checklist
    • Tips for a Good  Move
    • Safety Information
  • Develop strategies for office support areas
    • File Rooms
    • Equipment (PC’s, server, printers, etc.)
    • Kitchens
    • Warehouses
  • Review floor plans and way finding/numbering system for mover efficiency
  • Gather move list and QC data for move
  • Input data into database system and produce move packets, way finding signage for new space, support space labels
  • Create move packets with employee information including:
    • Pre-printed labels with employee name and new room number
    • Pink bag for computer peripheral equipment
    • Move Instructions
      • How to pack/label
      • Disconnect/Reconnect PC’s
      • Post move issue resolution
      • Phones
      • Keys/Card keys
      • Open Me First label
    • Move out Checklist
    • Chair tag
    • Safety Information
  • Discuss general information on Building Management, protection, Certificates of Insurance, Elevators, etc.
  • Delivery of all move related materials to your office with consultation and review of all information

Call us at (281) 205-7956 to purchase the Skinny Move packet and get your corporate move organized!

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