Our Process

Our four-step process is simple, but it can vary depending on your company’s needs. Call us and let us know what your needs are and we’ll create a custom solution that’s right for your company’s move.


During the pre-move phase, we will strategically place the Project Manager that we think best fits your company’s needs.  Your PM comes to your office to assess your needs and then formulates your move plan based on those needs.


During the move phase, we will assist your employees with the transition process, offer efficient purge solutions, create a customized plan for each office and provide mover procurement assistance. A member of our team is on site at all times through all move related activities and will provide you updates throughout process to so you are always in the loop.  We will provide each employee with a move packet, which includes instructions, computer bags, and labels to assist the movers in properly and precisely placing all their items.


Post move we will coordinate all service providers and provide the finishing touches. Because we are organizational professionals, consider utilizing our organizational team to strategize and efficiently optimize your new workspace.

Close Out

Once we’ve completed the move, we will walk you through your freshly organized space and make sure everything is exactly where you want it to be.

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