Corporate Relocation

The “Skinny Move”

For companies that are smaller in size but still have the need for a mentor Move Coordinator to provide guidance without the expense of a full-time coordinator. You contact us, we conduct a brief phone interview to gather some information and then provide you with a customized move plan and the tools needed such as move packets, instructions, customized labels and placecards, chair tags, safety instructions, checklist and a move countdown guide that you will need to manage the move.  We will bring your move plan and tools out to your office and walk through all the steps to ensure all your questions are answered and you feel confidently prepared. Learn more about what the Skinny Move includes here.


For companies that need the extra support and experience to minimize the cost impact and maximize the efficiency, we provide a project manager to assist with basic services such as defining a move strategy and providing move tools such as move packets for individuals that include move and packing instructions, customized labels, chair tags, safety instructions and a checklist. We also recommend moving companies for you to interview as well as have our PM oversee the move process including one day post-move services to ensure your office is up and running efficiently.

Cost Benefit Services

This level of assistance is provided for companies that need the basic services as well as due diligence activities (such as creating a mover and additional vendor Request for Proposal), walk through, evaluation and recommendations to client, and someone to oversee organizational activities for support spaces such as file and copy rooms, conference rooms and warehouses. We provide IT disconnect/reconnect services as well as server relocation assistance, providing you with the extension of your IT team that is necessary on larger relocation projects. We coordinate with your building management and provide COI required documents, provide an hour-by-hour schedule, provide vendors with CSO’s, manage on-site deliveries, oversee the move process and provide post-move day services including reviewing mover invoices for accuracy and managing move claims. This package provides you with first morning breakfast delivered to your office to ensure your employees are full and happy while they are unpacking.

Companies that want to receive the full benefits of move consulting and efficiencies are provided with all above services as well as additional services, including: defining your internal move team’s roles and responsibilities and training them in effective move practices, holding weekly meetings with the move team to ensure the Master Move Plan is as efficient as possible, reviewing floor plans and providing room layouts for each room being moved, developing and implementing a workspace clean up program, chairing move coordination project meetings with client on a regular basis to review scope and activities, making adjustments to schedule, assisting client with buy back or “garage sale” activities to dispose of furniture and equipment, guiding and assisting in a communications program, safety suggestions and best practices plans, providing “lessons learned” documentation for phased moves to client and incorporate into future moves best practices program, providing punch list of outstanding move issues and conducting post move meetings with client to resolve punch list. This package offers your company first morning breakfast in your new space as well as fresh flowers delivered to your new lobby.

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