Corporate Relocation Services

Get Back to Work
When it comes to relocating your corporate office or healthcare facility, time is money. Every minute your employees are distracted and disconnected during your company’s move means a significant loss of time, money and resources. Our goal is to manage your  relocation through planning, strategizing and focusing on the unique components of your company’s move, while applying our best techniques to your move, so that we can get your team back to work immediately.

A Seamless Transition

With over two decades of experience in relocating corporate offices, laboratories, healthcare facilities and industrial centers, we have put systems in place that take the stress out of relocating an entire facility. It takes experienced professionals to successfully manage and execute a corporate move. With our extensive suite of services, ability to quickly problem solve as well as provide additional experts and resources to your project, we pride ourselves on delivering a seamless transition and a stress-free relocation with every project we are engaged in.

Keeping Employees Informed

During your company’s move, each of your individual employees are given a Move Packet, which includes personalized labels, computer bags and chair tags, as well as detailed instructions, information on what to expect during the move and safety tips. These helpful packets keep everyone on track and “in the know” as well as give them the proper tools to help the move flow efficiently.

Corporate Move Services:

Move Plan – develop an overall strategic plan and timeline to manage the entire move process beginning to end

Liaison – work closely with your architect, contractor, building management companies and vendors to ensure an efficient move

Leadership – take the lead role in supporting your internal move team equipping them with the proper tools and training to effectively manage the move

Schedule – set up a move schedule based on your needs, building constraints and deliverables that need to be met

Project Management – supervise the movers during the move, resolve any post move damage or loss claims

Budget – assist in defining the move budget, acquiring quotations from preferred movers, and managing the project in a way that ensures the budget goals are met

RFP – if needed, we will develop a Request for Proposal for your company’s move and manage the RFP process to acquire the most cost effective, smartest move

Technical – coordinate office and technical equipment relocation including computers, copiers, printers, servers and LAN equipment

Inventory – perform and manage furniture, equipment

Move tools – provide move packets to each individual moving; room signs, room layouts and other tools needed to ensure efficiency

Healthcare Services:

Inventory & Installation – In addition to relocations, Move Resource Group provides extensive support to healthcare  planning providers for activations that includes inventory of assets through site verification, bar coding, noting detailed specifications and uploading and management of  inventory databases of various formats.

Move Resource Group teams with planning providers to oversee FF&E installations according to procurement specifications, room layouts and documents and reports all progress, issues, schedule & schedule management components of the project.

If MRG is also the relocation provider, advantages exist to integrate existing asset inventory with procured assets during the transition & activation phases of the project due to extensive knowledge and understanding of the departments, client needs and schedule.

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